Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Download Connectify Hotspot Pro 4.3.3 With Free Full Version

Download Connectify Hotspot Pro 4.3.3 Incl Free Full Version
Connectify Hotspot Pro 4.3.3 Full Version Free + allows you to combine multiple Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G, Dial-up and Ethernet into one connection that would be super fast. Connectify Hotspot router itself is an appliion that lets you build a network of Wi-Fi, so you can share the Internet connection with all Wi-Fi enable devices.

Connectify Hotspot Pro will be stronger and faster than all other Wi-Fi/Hotspot software & then when you combine it with Connectify Dis.

Relsed Connectify Hotspot 4.3.3 On March 21st, 2013:

The Connectify Dis v4.3.3 has arrived! This is a minor new relse of Dis that is mostly focused on improving stability by working around a bug in common drivers.

Connectify Hotspot Pro
Connectify Hotspot Pro - 2
Avoid Blue Screen of Dth with cards: We re-worked the Connectify driver to avoid a serious bug in many network cards, which could ld to the drded “Blue Screen of Dth.”
Scrollbar Fix: The Dis Help page now has a scroll bar. Otherwise, Connectify Dis v4.3.3 has the same ftures as Dis 4.3.0:
New Driver Update: Software works even better with 8 and prevents crashes, BSODs, and freezes that some of our users were experiencing.
Update: Better detection for corrupted Connectify driver installs
Update: Connectify Dis v4.3 drops support for XP and Vista. Users running XP and Vista can continue to use Connectify Dis v4.2
Update: Connectify Dis has upgraded to the .NET 4.5 Framework. The installer will prompt 7 users to install .NET 4.5 if it is not alrdy installed.
Fture: Dis allows users to share on Facebook or Twitter from the Dis Dashboard and makes it sy to post screenshots of the Dashboard.
Fture: Connectify Hotspot and Dis UIs allow the user to set whether they should start when starts.
Fture: Troubleshooter now allows the user to specify whether they are trying to troubleshoot Hotspot or Dis.
How To Install :

Block the program using firewall
Register offline
Change host file

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