Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Day of the Zombie With Trainer Free Download Full Version

Day of the Zombie is an action game published by Groove Games for PC ( ). In the game, horde bloodthirsty zombies invaded college 'Memorial Fencott'! The military zachistili district and placed around the school perimeter shooters. In place of the terrible events of the special squad was sent on a mission to bring it fully under control. However, amid the bloody chaos are three bedolla: student, desperately trying to save his girlfriend, Building Superintendent, you do not want to abandon to their fate and spetsnaz vets given institution, which should bring this bedlam. They survive zombie days

1.Download Day of the Zombie
2.Download Trainer
4.Unpack and Install
5.Use Trainer and Launch The Game.

Enjoy Unlimited Ammo , Hlth etc..

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