Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Unlocker incl Free Download

Download Unlocker incl Free Download
Anyone who's ever tried to open or edit an important Word or Excel document, only to find it's protected by a long-lost or never-known , will appreciate Unlocker's Unlocker. It's a handy tool that unlocks -protected Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access documents so they can be opened and edited by anyone. You can also use it to recover forgotten s. It's compatible with all versions of from 97 to 2007.
Unlocker opens with a basic gray dialog box typical of the family, which mns functional but unexciting in an efficient, businesslike way. You can select one of three attack modes: Brute-Force Attack, Brute-Force with Mask Attack, for when some symbols are known, and Dictionary Attack. The Dictionary Attack mode is based on a customizable dictionary that you crte to your specifiions. There's a Help file in the File Menu and functional control icons. You enter the full file path to the locked document, click OK, and Unlocker gets . There's an option to save a recovery process to resume it later, if it's interrupted or runs long. In tests, the program quickly unlocked Word documents for opening and editing.
Unlocker is free to try and $18.69 to buy. The trial version won't display s longer than three characters, and it disables the to Open and to Modify command. It works in all versions of from 2000 to 7, including NT and Vista.

Publisher's Description

From Unlocker:
Unlocker is the siest solution to recovery for documents. It is to recover MS Word and MS Excel sily, safely and efficiently. This supplies three attack modes to ensure the recovery. Additionally, you are sy to remove both the " to open" and " to edit", making it possible for you not only to open but to modify the document. Functions as a Word brker and an Excel finder, it is super sy to use. Just give the full path of your Word or Excel to the program and with a mouse click to the "Start" button on the program will be ok. There is no related knowledge required, even a kid can manipulate successfully.

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