Wednesday, May 18, 2016

ZIP Unlocker incl Free Download

DownloadZIP Unlocker incl Free Download
If you have set a to protect a ZIP file but have forgotten it, then you need a tool like ZIP Unlocker. The program uses two main methods to discard the .

The first method is the dictionary attack: you will be able to supply the program with a text file with common words, and the program will attempt to use ch one of these words to open the ZIP archive. You can use a file of your own or the built-in dictionary. Moreover, the smart mutation option will enable you to test specific letter combinations partly or completely against the lost . The mutation count and maximum length for the smart mutation option can be set as you wish.

The second method is a brute force attack; it relies on specifying a range of letters, s, and/or symbols. The program will attempt to erate every possible combination according to the maximum and minimum length that you specify. You can also add your own prefix, suffix, or a custom fixed text, in case you know parts of your .

The processing speed of the program depends on your computer's speed and the available resources.

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