Wednesday, May 18, 2016

How To Find Vulnerable Website Using SQL Poizon

Step 1:First downloadSQL Poizon Software

Step 2:Now run Sql Poizon v1.1 - TheScanner.exefile and you will get this window.

Step 3:Once that's open, you will have to select a dork. I am using a P dorp in this example. After you have selected the desired dork press on Scan and it'll show the results in the Result Pane.

Step 4:Now you want to send the results to the Sqli Crawler. You can do this by riglicking in the Results Plane and select "Send to Sqli Crawler -> All"

Step 5:Now the Sqli Cralwer tab will open and all you have to do is press Crawl and it will check if the website is rlly vulnerable to SQL Injection.

Step 6:Now you have to press Export Results and place it somewhere where you can open it later.

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