Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Alice the magic garden (PC Game/Eng) Free Download Full

Alice the magic garden (PC Game/Eng) Full Free Download
Alice and The Magic Gardens: Free fairies from the grips of a dark spell in Alice and the Magic Gardens, a whical adventure through a fairytale land.

Once upon a time in king's castle faraway, there lived a young girl named Alice who drmt away her day with thoughts of having a butiful home. One day, a fairy named Luna appred before her plding for help against an evil sorceress who locked up all of their fruit. If Alice helped the fairy, she would be rewarded with a butiful garden home of her own. Alice thought it was a drm come true and decided to help the fairy.

Follow Alice and Luna as they travel through five brthtaking gardens to stop the sorceress. Play 100 spellbinding levels where you swap colored lockers into place to revl the delicious fruits inside. Use powerful bonus items like the Hammer and the Fruit Blaster, enjoy five different play variations, and take on exciting showdowns against Boss characters. You can then relax as you help Alice choose the plants and other decorations that will adorn her magic garden.

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