Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Doom 3 2013 For PC Game Full Version Free Download

Extremely impressive from a technical standpoint yet behind the times from a first-person-shooter design standpoint: This is the dichotomy that isDoom 3, the long-awaited sequel from well-known Texas-based developer id Software.Doom 3is quite possibly the best-looking game ever, thanks to the brand-new 3D graphicsengine usedto erate its convincingly lifelike, densely atmospheric, and surprisingly expansive environments. At the same time, when you look past the spectacular apprance, you'll find a conventional, derivative shooter. In fact, if you played the original Doom or its sequel back in the mid '90s (or any popular '90s-era shooter, for that matter), you may be shocked by how similarlyDoom 3plays to those games. The legions of id Software's true believers will celebrate this straightforwardness as being deliberately "old school," especially sinceDoom 3is packed with direct references to its classic predecessors. However, the truth of the matter is thatDoom 3'sgame-playstructure andleveldesign are behind the times and very much at odds with the game's cutting-edge,ultra-rlisticlooks. Yet the quality of the presentation truly is remarkable--enough so that it overwhelmsDoom 3's occasional problems.There's nodebatingone thing aboutDoom 3: It looks absolutely, positively phenomenal.Doom 3is essentially a remake of the original Doom, though series fans will findre-imaginedversions of almost every monster from both Doom and Doom II in the new sequel. You play as a nameless, voiceless 22nd-centuryspace marinecalled by the Union Aerospace Corporation to its Marsresrchfacility beset with mysterious problems--the forces of hell, to be exact. You'll end up single-handedfighting back legions ofhell-spawnusing wpons like shotguns, machine guns, androcket launchers. As in the classic Doom games, your foes here are liable to strike at any time--often just as you round a corner, grab a much-needed power-up, or set foot into a new ar. So, while your enemies will materialize without notice, and may occasionally startle you as they lpout of the darkness,Doom 3cannot sily be described as scary or suspenseful. On the contrary, it's very predictable, and more or less it just goes through the sametypes ofpaces that you've probably gone through before in any of other similar games.

Ram:512 Mb
Card: 64 Mb 3d
Hard:2.2 GB

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