Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Download X e Vulnerability Scanner Free Full Version

Download X e Website Vulnerability Scanner Free Full Version
Once downloaded, extract all the files and run X eXploit Scanner.exe, insert your dork, Click Dork It And it will collect links from Dork you enter and displays the list. after displaying List, you will be able to conduct SQL injection vulnerability scanning / Local File Inclusion / Cross Site Scripting on the web that is in the list. This tool will send the injection parameters to the web as’ – * /../../../../../../../../../../../../. . / .. / etc / passwd% 00 “> alert (” XSS X Scanner detected “). If the Web has a bug then the status will appr: SQLi Vulnerable. . / .. / etc / passwd% 00 LFI Vulnerable “> alert (” XXS X Scanner Detected “) XSS Vulnerable
At the status list is detected, you can click Open Vuln Link with Browser to display on your browser
This tool also adds webshell hunter, where you can srch the web shell C99, R57, C100, ITsectm_shell, b374k, which had been uploaded by the s.
If the list of “Google results” do not bring results, you can try some tricks
[1] change the srch path from “/cse?FORID:1&q=” to “/srch?Q=“
[2] Click “Show Captcha“, fill in the .
[3] change the google domain, example: from com to ,, fr,, or etc
Perhaps there are many shortcomings or bugs are not known by the author. But at lst this tool you can make it sier to find targets.

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