Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Facebook ID Can Be by Stling Security Question Answer

Hellow0rmrders after a long time, I posted trick on and Stling. Today's post is about Facebook "Security Question" Answer Stling, I mn, This post gonna show you how to stl victims Security Question - Answer and victims Facebook ID. Basically here I'll use SET and Phishing attack fully 100% FUD (Fully Un-Detectable).
Requirements :Victim Profile Link or Username.G-mail or Yahoo Fake ID as same as victim's rl Info.Victim Security Question.Little bit Knowledge of SET to make victim fool.Must Know Phishing Attacks and StlingFB Security Answer Stler Phishing Page.[Download]Find out Victim FB Profile LinkOpen your FB Home page Click HereSrch your victim name in srch Box and copy Link(I Took mine one friend ID for Example to Show this Tutorial as you can see in )Copy this Address link from Profile.Click on below to Enlarge it
Find out Victim's Security QuestionLog out your Session or any other FB ID running.Go to FB Account Recovery Page.Paste Victim's profile link and click on srch

Click on below to Enlarge it
Here, we got victim's ID, now click on[This is my Account]

Click on below to Enlarge it
After you will be redirected to victim A/c Recovery page.Click on[No longer have access to these]

Click on below to Enlarge itNow, here use your Fake G-mail or Yahoo ID and Click on Continue.

Click on below to Enlarge it
After all, We found Security Question just memorize question and close your Browser.

Click on to Enlarge it
Click here to lrn SET attcks and Making Victim foolDownload Phishing Page from here.Editing html file to Change security questionExtract all files on Desktop, and Open Verifiion.html in Notepad and Hit Ctrl+F and srch for "ADD YOUR QUESTION HERE" and replace this line withvictim's SecurityQuestion for Eg. In What City or town your Mother was born.Now, Save it and Compress it using Winrar in .zip format.Crte new Account on 000webhost and Get your free Domain and upload your all Phishing files to server.Using SET attacks to make Victim Fool.
Make your Victim fool or delude him using SET tricks. Look at below .

Stling Process and Get FB Sec AnswerWhen your Victim will go on your Phished Page he will see something looks like this.
Click on to Enlarge it
And when your Victim will Enter his or her Security Question - Answer and clicks on Continue, The Answer Provided by him will be stored in log.txt file on your Phishing server. Download it and Open it.
✔ That's it, Now after all next step you know what to do, just again go to that recovery page and change E-mail and , this also can be used to Facebook Accounts.

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