Wednesday, May 18, 2016

FREE CALLING (exclusive via skype )

At first download the given software skype voucher

Click Here TO Download this Skype Voucher

and then download this file too,,,according to your Operating system,,

for win7:-Click Here TO Download This File For 7
&for xp:-Click Here To Download File For Xp
*. go to Control Panel / Clock, Language and Region .

*. Click on Change Loion

*. Select uk from drop down .

*. then goto administrative tab and click change system locale and select English (United Kingdom) from drop down

*. now restart your pc

*. and open skype voucher.exe

*. enter your email and on next screen you'll get voucher

To redeem credit open ur skype ac and click reedem nd enter voucher no

*. and enter the voucher For unlimited vouchersmac changer open it and choose your network operators from drop down list

4. select your os in step 2

5. click randomize in step 3 and change in step 4 then

6. Go to your Network Connections ( Control Panel > Network and Internet > View network status and tasks > Change adapter settings.)

7. disable and re enable our internet connection reopen skype voucher.exe and enter your email you will get a new voucher rept from step 5 and you will get a new voucher every time

Note:redeem only 5 vouchers /30 minutes

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