Wednesday, May 18, 2016

How To Admin in 8

Did you have similar experience with Jerry and have nothing to do with the locked computer? Well, I belive most Win 8 users have similar experience with Jerry and I can totally understand what most of you is worried about. It is no fun when forgot 8 . Here are three available 8 methods, ch of them can help you regain access to 8. Note that method 1 and 2 have some limitations, Method 3 is a universal solution.

Option 1: 8 with System Repair Disc

If you have a 8 installation disc in hand, you had better take advantage of it to 8 login instantly. Below are the step by step guide for you:

1. Insert the into your locked Win 8 computer and restart your PC.
2. Choose the language settings, click “Next”.
3. Choose the recovery option, click “Next”.

Note: It is not a wise way for you to 8 through installing system. This is because you will lose all data on your PC. So reinstalling Win 8 is the last option when you forgot your 8 .

Option 2: Try a 8 Freeware - Oph

If you are good at computing and have enough patience with operating such a complied tool, you can give it a try. However, Oph can’t a which is ove 14 characters. Moreover, Oph doesn’t support most PC.

Option 3: Get a professional 8 —

With high quality and friendly user interface, is the most popular 8 tool. Even a computer novice can forgotten 8 with it. Below are the detail guide to help you your lost 8 login in 3 steps.

Step 1: You need to prepare a blank / or USB flash Drive, and access any other available computer.
Step 2: Download Professional and install the program. Run the program , select change local account , Tick the file to / or USB, specify the loion of you /USB drive. Click "" to a reset /USB.
Step 3: Now turn to your computer, Boot up the computer with the newly crted , and you will see the program starts working. Then a black doc will appr, choose the right to change .

To 8, don't do this thing- reinstall system. It will cause all data loss! Try the 3 solutions above and the last one will rlly help you your forgotten 8 !

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