Wednesday, May 18, 2016

How To Download a Complete Backup of Blog

How To Download a Complete Backup of Blog
These days every person choose the blogger platform for blogging. Becoz it is a very siest and simple platform. Thenew peoplecan use it because it is very simple to use and it have multi-function. is connected with so we canget more traffic. Sometimes Google detects our blog or blog's comments as spam and the Google Tm delete our blog without giving us anynotifiionor warning. So i suggest you todownloada backup of your Blog. Because it is automatic system and sometimes it deleted a blog that is not have any spam content and it waste our all hard works so plse i again suggest youdownloada complete backup of your blog into your computer. By this you can protect your blog and also save your blog's data in your PC. So don't waste your time and data and keep a backup of your blog. See below the full detail anddownloadthe backup.
Top Rson For Get A Backup.
Sometimes s our blog and we have no choice to get it back again. We haveto startour work again from begin. If we have backup of our blog then we can get our all posts and blog's data back and also post them again.


First off all wedownloadthe template of our current blog because it is very difficult to find another good one sodownloadit first. Then wedownloadour blog's data and save it to our computer so lets the tutorial.

- Go to blogger andsign in.

- Then go to Template -> Backup/Restore.

- Now click onDownloadFull Template Button and save it to the secure place.

Now wedownloadthe Blog's Data.

- Go to Settings -> Others.

- Now a BlogTool boxwill be there click on Export Blog.

- Click onDownloadBlog Button. Don't worry this is onlydownloadyour blog it do not delete your blog.

- After a few seconds your will be downloaded save it to secure place.

Now your blog's all data will be saved in your computer. You can also upload this things to the new one and also publish them.It is very simple steps so use them anddownloadthe whole data from blog. Keep visiting our blog and also comment if this helps you.

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