Wednesday, May 18, 2016

How to Facebook Account With Phishing Attack

#What isPhishing? Phishing is a fake login page designed by an attacker to stl personal info of victim's. Phishing page looks same as Original page of any website or social networking website.
#HowPhishingworks ?
As, I told you Phishing is a fake login page that is well designed same as original page to stl personal info of victim's for eg. (ID, , E-mail, Contacts, Credit Card Stling, etc).
An attacker will crte a fake login page and host it on any free web hosting sites and attacker will send link of fake page to victim to stl his personal info or data and when victim will provide his personal info such as E-mail ID or then victim's E-mail and will be stole and get .

#How to Prevent and save us fromPhishingattack ?
Well !! it is sy to detect any Phishing page.
1. Use best Antivirus and update it daily
2. Check URL before logging to any website. 4. Beware of E-mail Spoofer.
Here, I had just gave all step to crte a Phishing Site and any a/c

1) Here, I take Facebook as my Fake Page to Facebook ID's
2) Download Facebook Phishing pagefrom here[Download](Latest Updated)
3) Crte free a/c on and get free domain
4) Here, I had alrdy crted one a/c for tutorial

5) After crting free a/c and domain go to your Control panel > and Click on File Manager

6) If it will ask for , then provide your 7) And then go inpublic_htmlfolder and deletedefault.pfile8) After deleting default file, click on upload and you will be redirected to this page

Click on to enlarge it
9) I suggest you to use ZIP archives to upload it's fast and sy :D, so click on choose file and select ZIP file you downloaded it step 2.

10) After uploading your Phishing page you will see this page

Click on to enlarge it
11) So after all type your Domain name in Address bar hit enter and you'll get fake fb login page.

12) And now copy the Address of this page and Go to Google URL Shortener and Shortern your URL to make your victim's Fool and not to detect as SPAM

13) Let's check whether our Phishing page is working or not ? Go on your Phishing page and Enter any fake ID and in E-mail and BOX
14) After providing your fake info click on login and you will be redirected to original fb login page
and victim E-mail ID and will be logged.
15) How to know the ? Again Go to your 000webhost dashboard and over there you will senotther file manager

16) Go in Another file manager > public_html > After Entering in public_html folder
you will see this 4 files

17) Double click on log.txt file and download it after all open it !! hahahaha !!

18) WOW !! Here you can see how Phishing attack works and stl FB .Enjoy

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