Wednesday, May 18, 2016

How to install Android 4.4 on your 4

How to install Android 4.4 on your 4 !! Pt 3

Installation using TWRP Recovery

1: Boot the phone into recovery mode. Power off the phone and wait for about four to five seconds for lights to go off. Press and hold Volume Down and Power buttons together and relse the Power button once the Google logo apprs but keep holding the Volume Down button. The device will be in Bootloader Mode
Press the Volume Down two times so that Recovery option will appr and then press the Power button to reboot into recovery mode

2: Crte a Backup from recovery !!!

3. Perform a Factory Reset (This will delete all apps and their settings and game progress). Tap on Wipe then at the bottom of the screen do a Swipe on the Swipe to factory reset option

4. Click on Install then browse to the loion where the Android 4.4 KitKat AOSP ROM file is saved, tap on the file and then at the bottom of the screen do a swipe on the Swipe to Confirm Flash option to begin flashing

5. When the ROM flashing is completed, rept the similar steps to install Google Apps

6. After the installation process is completed, return to the main recovery menu and tap on Reboot and then tap on System to reboot the phone. The phone will take some time to reboot for the first time

That is it. Once the 4 boots up, it should be updated with AOSP Android 4.4 KitKat firmware.

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