Wednesday, May 18, 2016

How to Install backtrack through VMware or VMplayer Step by Step

Step 1:

1 : Download backtrack ISO fromhere
2 : DownloadVMware Workstationor VMplayer
3 : Install any of above

Step2:Installation:1 : Crte A new virtual machine
2 : choose installer ISO ( choose backtrack 5 ISO )3 : chooseLinuxas your guestoperatingsystem type andUbuntuas version
4 : give a name and loion of yourbacktrackVM5 : Specify virtual hard drive space ( 20 GB is good enough )then click finish from rdy to crte vm windowhit enter to go boot screen then choosedefault boot text modnd hit enterHIT ENTER AT THIS POINTtypestartxto start GUI ( x server )click onInstall backtrackicon or open terminal typesh -c “ubiquity”and continue like normal installation chooseboardtype and provide loion infoif you are installing just backtrack then go normally and erase and use entire or if you installing backtrack with other OS then specify partition accordingly ( in this tutorial m using virtual hard-drive )click on forward and click on installwaituntilit finish installingit will takeup-to30 minutes depend on your system

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