Wednesday, May 18, 2016


Gmail and few other mailing services doest allow us to send files larger than 25MB.But sometimes it becomes necessary to send files larger than 25MB like s,PPTs,Music etc.There are many ways by which you can send larger files via email.Here we discussed few simple ways to send files larger than 25MB Online.

►Send Large Files with
You can also send your files to your friends via e-mail by uploading your file to a file server and then providing the download link in e-mail. When anyone clicks on that link or open that link then that file gets downloaded. So it is another simple method to send files.
The simplest and best file server I found over the Internet is You don’t need to sign up for uploading your files.

2.Click on the Choose File button and loe the file you need to upload from your computer and hit enter.
3.Click on upload now! button over there and your file gets uploaded.
4.Copy the download link of your file when file is completely uploaded.
5.Write your e-mail and provide that link in the e-mail.
6.When recipient receives e-mail and clicks on that link then is opened.
7.Then recipient can download your file by clicking on download now button.

You can upload file of size upto 2GB on You can upload your file on other file server websites also like,, etc.

►Attach&Send Large Files appliion in Yahoo mail:
Yahoo mail allows you to attach and send files of size more than 25MB via e-mail. You need to follow the following simple steps.

1.Sign in your yahoo mail account by going entering your username and .
2.Click on the Attach Large Files link under the Appliions bookmark.
3. Click on Select Files button and loe the file you want to upload and send via e-mail.
4.If popup is displayed asking Did you Login?, Then click on Ok button and Login with your yahoo id into yousendit appliion login window.
5.After login successfully, click on Upload Successfully button and let your file gets uploaded.
6.Enter the recipient mail id, cc details, subject, write in the mail body and click on Send button.

Your file is delivered by YouSendIt appliion. This was the simplest way I found on the Internet to send files of size more than 25MB via e-mail. But if you don’t have yahoo id then try the other ways as mentioned below.

►Send Large Mails Via Outlook:
We have recently discussed the New Outlook Ftures and Specifiions . Using outlook you can directly send files larger than 25MB directly,the files which are larger than 25MB will automatically move to your Skydrive account.

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