Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Incrse the Speed of internet Download Manager

In that time Internet Download Manager is the best downloader from others like U, , Orbit, Internet downloadaccelerator etc. But IDM is grt. All people use IDM to download things from the internet. Today i gave you a tool that is used to incrse downloading speed of IDM. This software speed up IDM by changing some Registry Entries. This software have two options 1) Maximize Now and 2) Restore Default. Click on Maximize Now for incrse the speed of downloading and to restore the setting click on Restore Default Button.Download the tool from below.

1. Get toolHere
2. Install the idm first and run the downloaded file.
3. Then click on Maximize Now Button for incrse the speed, a box will appr for restart the idm.
4. For that restart your PC .
5. Now you done all steps after doing that your downloading speed will incrsesdefiantly.
6. This is not fake or virus it's works dude sometimes i also use it it's amazing.

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