Wednesday, May 18, 2016

PC Suite 6.85 Free Download

PC Suite has been updated to 6.85 and with the updated has come quite an ovehaul andis availablefrom thePC Suite page.The new UI looks grt and here’s a rundown of some of the new ftues it brings. I’ve been beta testing it for the past few weeksand must say I find this even better than theNseries PC Suite!The first addition is a nifty appliion that allows you toDrag & Dropany file from your PC to your phone. I tried this with pictures, and and it worked grt. This fture is fully customisable. There is an option to selct the directory to which ch type of file would be copied, we can also choose whether pc suite will always convert content to make it more mobile friendly. All of this is done through the new “Settings” option in menu where you can set audio & conversion parameters and specify default loion paths for Data, Music, and Appliions files on your handset .The second nt addition is themessage preview window, that shows the latest incoming messages. It can be minimized to a small bar. A click on the message opens the text message editor giving you options to reply, forward and all the other usual functions.For those new to PC Suite: PC Suite is a package of -based PC appliions developed especially for use with . Depending on your phone model, PC Suite lets you edit, synchronize and back up many of your phone’s files on acompatible PC through a cable or wireless bluetoothconnection.Here’s the official list of changes from the old version:- Copy files to your device by dragging them on top of the device in the main window
- Synchronize Vista Calendar with your device calendar
- Get bug fixes and improvements to stabilityDOWNLOAD! – English (UK)

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