Wednesday, May 18, 2016


Linkbucks is the first internet advertising network that allow you to make money from outbound traffic and paid you for your links that you post on websites, forums or your own blog. is one of the most trusted websites that has been in bussiness and operating since 2005, never missed any payment and has payment proof records of all their affiliate members.
Linkbucks is simple, sy to use and absolutely free to join.

Unlike other ads companies, linkbucks payment is twice per month like clockwork and paid their member by paypal so be sure to have your own paypal account before registering at The minimum payment request is $5.00

Linkbucks also has referral program to allow you that make more money by referring your friends. Once you registered at linkbucks and get your own account then you can get your referral link with unique id.

When someone registered an account at linkbucks through your unique id referral link then you will get paid 10 percent the rning or money they make for life. You will also get another addition 5 percent if your downline refer more members to join linkbucks.

There are two main linkbucks ads placement formats that you can choose to use which is intermission ads that appr between pages and the other is framed banners that has the size of 728x90 lderboards appring at the top of a visitorbrowser.


1. All Countries Accepted - So far there are no restrictions and all can join and rn from this site.
2. Unlimited Direct Referrals - There are no limits on how many referrals you can have. Grt for promoters and those who can refer a lot of people.
3. Paying - They are paying and payment proofs can be found on the forum and throughout the web.
4. Forum - This site does have a forum. Forums are grt for communiion between members and staff. Members can post payment proofs, get support, and stay up to date on changes made to the site.
5. Instant Payments - A grt option for any site to have. No more waiting days or weeks for something you rightfully rned.
6. An Established Site - Linkbucks was started in late 2005 and has been online and paying ever since then.
7. Fixed Minimum Cashout - $5 is the set minimum cashout. From what we can see the minimum cashout will not incrse after your first cashout.

More Info About This Site...

If you have a link that has been visited by at lst 1 person in the last 6 months, then it will remain active.

If you have a link group and just one of those links have been visited in the last 6 months, then the entire group will remain active.

Expired links will be put into the expiring section of your link page. You will have the opportunity to select anything that is expiring to be saved. Anything that remains in that section for a period of 2 weeks will be eventually deleted from our system.

Referral rnings : you'll get 20% of the rnings of every member you refer
get 10% of the rnings from the members that your referrals send in
rn 2% of the rnings from every member that those people send in as well.(3rd Level)
see publisher rates here:

or click banner...

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