Wednesday, May 18, 2016

RogueKiller 8.2.1 + Portable Free Download

RogueKiller 8.2.1 + Portable | 1.8/1.78 Mb

RogueKiller is a tool which scans the processes running, and kill those who are malicious. I developed this tool after seeing that some rogues (eg Security Tools) blocked the execution of disinfection programs, and some programs (eg Rkill) appred ineffective in killing the rogue process. So I developed a tool based on speed of execution, which is to cln up the process and requested cln the registry to make a sanitizing faster and safer then with the usual tools.

User manual:

1: Download the desktop RogueKiller (link above)
2: Quit all running programs
3: On Vista / Seven, right click -> run as administrator
4: Otherwise just throw RogueKiller.exe
5: When prompted, type 1 and validate
6: When the report opens (RKreport.txt is also loed next to the executable), save and give to the person who is helping you
7: If the program has been blocked, do not hesitate to try several times. If it rlly does not (it could happen), rename it to winlogon.exe

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