Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Steps To Incrse Your Wireless Internet Speed

The below speed helps you to speed up your wireless internet speed,uploading and downloading speed.

To perform the below actions,you need to disable your antivirus.
1)go to run
2)type temp and press enter .
3)temp folder apprs , delete all the files.
4)go to run again and type %temp% and press enter.
5)file folder apprs, select all the file and delete them.
6)again in run type "netsh winsock reset" (without quotes)
7)a window comes and go
8)again in run type "netsh int ip resetlog.txt" (without quotes)
9)a window comes and go
10)then go to internet explorer ,select tools-internet options-delete cookies and files
11)in the same window,go to advance tab click on restore defaults and click apply
12)go to programs tab , click on reset web settings , then click ok.
13)if you are using firefox, press ctrl+shift+del, clr everything.
14)restart your system manually.
15)then enable your antivirus.

Enjoy .... :)

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