Wednesday, May 18, 2016

World Best Software to Protect Your Source

P LockIt! gives you the ability to obfuse and encrypt your P scripts before distrubution at an affordable price.
Use it for encoding your own scripts which you distribute to others, or for encoding third party scripts containing sensitive information such as MySQL usernames and s.

Obfusion changes the variable names, function names and constant names in your , making it unrdable. The obfused can then be encrypted using a unique to erate the locked . Additional optimisations are also available to speed up the locked .

Works with any installation of P 4, P 5 or P 6.
No additional software needs to be installed on the server (yours or your customers).
No changes are required to the web server.
End scripts work on and Linux servers.
Works with P safe mode enabled or disabled.
Obfuses P files.
Encrypts P files.
Works with <? and <?p tags.
Protects sensitive information (such as your MySQL ) in P scripts.
Encrypt entire directory trees in one go.
Allows encryption of "include" files.
Uses a unique to encrypt scripts.
Allows optional single or multiple IP address locking.
Allows optional single or multiple domain locking.
Allows optional expiry date to be set, providing time limited s.
Incredibly light resource usage.
Runs incredibly fast, with no noticable delay to your scripts.
sy to setup and use.

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